Discover whether your phone is being hacked, tracked or compromised

“Is my partner, child or neighbour spying on me?” “Could my phone be hacked?” "Has my boss installed spy software on my phone?”

We get asked these questions on a daily basis by individuals like you, who are concerned that their phone has been hacked by an unsolicited intruder, neighbour, child, employer, or partner. And, as your smartphone contains a treasure trove of personal and financial information, a breach in your phone’s security can leave you at serious risk of theft, ransom demands, and attacks on your personal privacy.

What’s worse, there’s a multitude of ways to access your phone, without even needing to touch your device. Most commonly, we find that it is a partner, child, business or employer who download commercial spy apps onto a device to remotely track all activity. Do you suspect your personal data has been compromised? This can be a very difficult question. Hack Check Now will answer it for you!

What is Hack Check Now ?

Mobile spyware and malware detection in six easy steps

Hack Check Now enables you to see if your smartphone is being monitored by malicious spyware or tracking software so that you can make sure that your private conversations, photos, videos and documents are not being accessed by unauthorised individuals – and it costs just £30.

What are the signs that my
phone may have been hacked?

Signs that your phone may have been hacked, or is subject to malicious spy software, such as Pegasus Software, Trojan Horse or Malware infections, include:

If your phone is demonstrating any of these symptoms, then there is a chance that your phone may have been hacked and spyware is accessing your personal data.

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How Hack Check Now works in six easy steps

Our spyware and malware detection service explained

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Securely pay online to access the service and you are ready to go!

Download the app

As soon as payment is complete, you will receive our simple installation guide so that you can easily download the app onto your phone.

Detailed analysis of spying and hacking activity is undertaken

You don’t have to share any personal information (we don’t have access to any of your private data) and you can continue to use your phone as normal during this time.

Delete or keep for future use

Mobile tracking or spy software does not run all of the time which is why our checks are undertaken over hours and days, not minutes, to detect any trace of unsolicited activity. Once our scans have completed (a maximum of 72 hours), you can delete the application or save it for use again in the future.

Receive the investigative report

Once the scan is complete, you will receive a copy of your in-depth report that will confirm whether you have spyware loaded onto your phone, along with our recommended next steps and a guide on how best to stay safe in the future. We can also provide further evidence - for example, a forensics report that can be used in case of court or police proceedings.

Return your phone to safety

If we find spyware, tracking or malicious software on your smartphone, our expert team is available to provide help and support via phone or email 24/7 if you need help to remove the malware.

Has spy software been installed on your phone?

Who is behind Hack Check Now?

Experts in protecting and securing mobile phones against hackers and spy software

We are a team of over 20 ex police, forensic officers and trusted cyber security experts, with decades of experience working in the cyber security, mobile interception and intelligence forensics fields.

Based in Warsaw and London, we provide secure and protected smartphone and software solutions to governments, companies, high net worth individuals and law enforcement officers worldwide through our umbrella organisation Cell Guard Technologies.

Now, we are helping individuals to protect their data and enforce their right to a private life with Hack Check Now, a service that checks individual’s phones have not been compromised or hacked.

What are the key benefits of Hack Check Now?

Protect your phone against hackers and spy software with a proven and certified malware solution

Guaranteed accurate results

Provides peace
of mind for £30

Forensic report
available for courts

Quick, trusted
discreet and secure

Developed by mobile
interception experts

24/7 support available

Does Hack Check Now
work on every device?

Whatever mobile phone provider or device you use, we’ll keep you safe from suspicious activity

Unfortunately, whether you own a Samsung, Apple, Sony, or Huawei device or use any of the main telecom provider networks such as AT&T, Vodafone, China Telecom (and more) none of them can guarantee protection against phone hackers or spy software. Fear not, Hack Check Now can help.

Our phone hack detection software application has been designed to work on any IOS and Android operating systems but also works on most phones (apart from secure phones) and mobile operator networks.


Find out if anyone is
spying on you