Yes. It is even recommended. Based on gathered data, we will be able to detect suspicious activity and malware.
Battery level does not matter; however, the phone should be constantly switched on for the analysis to take place.
No, your phone does not need to be on charge. If the phone is turned off for a while nothing will happen. However, please be advised that when the device is constantly switched on, we are able to collect more data and can tell you more about what is going on with device.
Turning the VPN to “ON” will start the analysis.
When you receive an e-mail with the report, you can be sure that the analysis is complete.
During the analysis you CAN NOT use another VPN account because it will interfere with the HCN analysis.
You may observe some slow a decrease in internet speed but no other issues.
No. During the analysis we do not have any access to your files, pictures, calls, etc. We only see which pages/servers (via applications) your phone connects to and where your data is sent
No – the process is entirely on our side. In case of problems our support team will contact you directly.
No. You need only to turn on the VPN.
We are pretty sure that at this time (72hrs) if you have any virus on your phone, it will be visible.
The scan report shows if there is any malware installed and also includes a simple guide how to use your phone securely and avoid being hacked.
Yes, we are always developing new features.
In some circumstances, yes. We need to gather enough data to make sure that we see the full cycle of information going out of the phone.
No, this would require further investigation – we will detect if your phone has been hacked or not and will deliver all information gathered i.e. IPs of C&C servers and malware name. It will not identify hacker.
If your phone is hacked our forensics team can assist with the follow up of the process to identify the hacker for an additional cost.
Yes, our scan report can be used as evidence for court and legal proceedings or can be shown to a fraud investigation team in a bank or insurance company.
Yes, however this will require full forensic investigation of the phone and is not part of basic HCN service.
No. Our analysis has no impact on the phones battery.
We plan to implement a subscription model for constant monitoring. Check back soon.
Yes, we give 50 USD commission for every 10 new clients you bring in.
It will be reflected in the report, however if it is not related to malware, we will not treat it as threat.
We are currently developing HCN in other languages. We aim to launch the Spanish and Chinese version later this year (2022). Our customer service is currently only serving English speaking clients.
We are receiving many requests a day and can unfortunately not respond to every request. However, if you pay for our service, we are happy to assist.
We have this amazing promotion in place as our parent company Cell Guard manufactures encrypted phones and develops secure communication software. HCN & Cell Guard give the opportunity to our clients to buy an encrypted phone for a very competitive price. With a Cell Guard encrypted phone, it’s impossible to be hacked.
No, the voucher can only be used in combination when you buy an encrypted phone, not on other products like shields, sim cards etc
Hack Check Now is a partner of “Coalition against Stalkerware” our team consist of ex forensics police officers and cyber security experts; we are passionate to help people that are victim of stalkerware and continue to do so on a regular basis worldwide.
If you paid for our service our team will be happy to assist you with your queries
We are a UK based company with our HQ in London.

You can email your CV and an intro letter explaining why you would like to work for HCN at contact@hackchecknow.com